- Fundamentals of lighting for TV 2019 - TvEducativa
- Sound language 2019 by Samuel Larson - Cinematographic Training Center
- Lighting and stage work 2019 by Mosh - Cinematographic Training Center
- Photography 2018 by Damián Aguilar - Cinematographic Training Center
- Sound 2018 by Alfredo Loaeza - Cinematographic Training Center
- 2018 Edition by Pedro Gómez - Cinematographic Training Center
- Director Assistance 2018 by Erik Baeza - Cinematographic Training Center
- Scenography 2017 by Ángeles Ciscar - ENPEG Esmeralda
- The theremin and the cinema 2017 by Daniel Llermaly - Faro Aragon
- Interactive mural 2017 by Cristina Brambila - Faro Aragón

︎ Others

photographic record and video creation.
• Sustainable EDINBA 2016: Proposal and development of school activities for the care of the environment.

o TALLER Fashion Development Project 2013 - 2015: Project manager, assistance to general management. Academic coordination, planning and production of events. Administration. Graphic design. Academic coach.

o Anonymous Voices San Fernando 2011: San Fernando Minor Protection Council, photographic record for the book “Voces Anónimas San Fernando”.



o El Nano, series produced by La Granja TV for Netflix 2023: Decorator.

o VGLY, series produced by Warner Bros for HBO 2022: Decoration Assistant.


o BioLUX , Fireflies virtual sighting 2020-2021: Production assistant and 360 camera operator for VR - Work directed by Antonio Isaac Gómez.


o Family Desaster 2023: Decorator - Directed by Manolo Carames, No Dancing Today Films.

o We will play in the woods 2022: Assistant decorator - Directed by Alejandra Cardenas, Sin Sentido Films.

o NEW YEAR  2021-2022: Production Design - Directed by Oscar Pereyra.


o At the Edge of the Volcano 2023: Decorator - Directed by Jorge Granados Ross.

o Hola mi vida 2021: Production Design - Directed by Juan Pablo Villavicencio.

o REVOLUTION  2021: Production Design - Directed by Natalia García Agraz, with support from PROCINE.

o ATRAPALUZ 2020: Production design, art and costumes - Directed by Kim Torres. Locarno Film Festival 2021 - Pardi di domani: International competition.

o White Horses, Silver Mine 2019: Production Design - Directed by Ziyi Jin (California Institute of Arts). Aswan International Women Film Festival 2021.

o Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica:

Fiction II 2023:
    - Greater than Jesus: Prop Master - Directed by Fernando Siller.

Fiction II 2022:
    - Planet X: Production Design - Directed by Efraín Ortiz.

Fiction II 2019:
    - Manos Ajenas: Production Design - Directed by Adrian Monroy.
    - The earth was bigger : Art direction - Directed by Carlos Pineda.
    - Flowers Rain: Art Assistant - Directed by Tino Alanis.
    - Old Blood: Art Direction - Directed by Ezzio Avendaño.

o Pedazos - 48 Hour Film Fest 2018 (Collaboration with CCC students): Assistance in art and costumes.


o CAN BRUTAL 2019: Design and production of masks - Work of Juan José Rivas and Perfume Museum.

o Impassable Distortion 2019: Visuals and interactive costumes for Delicioso Cohábito 2nd edition.

o Khipu-Textile Computer 2018: Khipukamayuq, research, planning, conceptualization and realization - Work by Constanza Piña. Grand Prix at Ars Electronica 20'.

o XAMAN 2019 Anniversary: Digitization of the work of the muralist Sanezcrak for projections in the XAMAN room. o SPINOTIC 2019: International Day of Light Morelos, Spinotic installation in opening event.

o Festival Hole Records
2019: Installation of digital dome.

o CYBORGRRRLS 2019: Vj at the closing party of the festival.

o Artterial 2019 Project: Creation and presentation of videos for the opening of the exhibition Ceramic Experiences.

o Live Cinema/Sound Art 2019: Vj in Session 91, 92 and 95, accompanied by Sonido México Internacional and Luis Bishop.  

o Interactive mural 2017: Collaborative interactive mural project for Faro Aragón by Cristina Brambila, assembly of all the murals created in the Faros network for presentation at the Cultural Center of Spain.

o Pac Interactive and Platoon Mexico2017: Creation and assembly of posters with creative code Processing.

o MUTEK 2017: Creation and collaborative presentation of electronic music production/experimentation exercises in Alameda Bellas Artes and the Tamayo Museum esplanade.